You CAN Enjoy Aging!

39It’s a fact – getting older is inevitable.  Your chronological age advances with each passing day.  Although this is true, it’s become much easier to embrace each year.  In fact, you can enjoy your “mature” years” as much or even more than your “younger” years.  This is especially true if you feel happy, healthy, balanced and in control (at least most of the time).

Impossible you say?  Well, it’s not as impossible as you may think!

So what’s the key to success?  I believe it primarily comes down to these five things:

  1. Don’t avoid focusing on YOU! It’s easy to come up with reasons as to why you are your last priority.  The fact remains that you are the one who controls your decisions.  You are the one who can determine what you eat each day, how active you are each day, how you organize and prioritize your day/life and how you respond to setbacks, frustrations and saboteurs.
  2. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Sounds simple but it’s a conscious choice and if you are involved in any of our programs, you will understand how to make this happen.  Don’t view your weight loss plan as a “diet”.  It’s your new way of life.  Let us help you make it work for you so you feel satisfied instead of deprived.   Otherwise you are set up for failure.
  3. Embrace fitness! If you do, you will feel better, have more energy, significantly decrease your stress level and be better prepared for the challenges life sends your way.  Don’t forget about yoga (a great way to clear your mind and strengthen your body) and resistance training (build your muscles and enhance your metabolism).
  4. Get organized and simplify your life! What gets on your calendar is much more likely to get done.  Set your goals, review them every day, plan ahead with a daily/weekly planner for your meals/activity and the things that have to get done.  Delegate what you can and realize that some things don’t have to be done now!  Put them on your calendar for a future date though if they are important so you don’t forget about them.
  5. Get balanced and love yourself even more! If you haven’t had your hormone levels checked yet, do it!  The independent lab at CFWLS makes it a no-brainer (out of pocket cost no more than $39.00 after insurance).  Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been providing men and women with more energy, better mental clarity, higher libido, lower body fat/more muscle mass, lower levels of depression, irritability and mood swings and protecting against osteoporosis, heart disease and many cancers for decades.  Talk to any of our staff or visit for more information.

It’s up to you!  Age healthier…age happier and remember to enjoy the journey!