I Want to Feel Balanced!

Balance“Balance” – What is that you say? Well the official definition of balance is mental and emotional steadiness; habit of calm behavior.  It is a state of equilibrium or equipoise.  That’s all fine and good but the reality is that if you feel balanced, you have a greater sense of control. You also have a better ability to constructively manage the ups and downs that come your way in life. If you feel balanced, you not only survive but you thrive!

So when was the last time you felt balanced? Does such a feeling seem out of reach? It doesn’t have to be. Finding balance in your life is the key to your overall health and wellness. In order for you to obtain a state of optimal health, your body needs to be balanced. Factors that influence your “balance” include things such as what you eat, your exercise regime (or lack thereof), your sleep pattern, your relationships and even your vitamin and hormone blood levels.  So…how do you obtain balance in your life?

A great place to start in order to understand what’s really going on with your body on a cellular level is to have some important laboratory blood tests evaluated. Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding your body.  Proper nutrition, regular exercise, taking quality vitamins, and getting enough sleep affects what’s going on in every cell of your body. If one of these factors is out of balance, it will be revealed in your lab work. There’s also a big difference between being “normal” and “optimal”. This is something you may not even realize. Why feel “ok” when you can feel “great”?

So what tests are important? Dr. Clark initially orders approximately 16 different important laboratory tests. Once the test results are in (within 2-3 days if drawn at CFWLS), Dr. Clark reviews everything you need to know about each of them (why they are important, normal value, your value, significance of your result and how to improve your levels).

Did you know that you can actually have your blood evaluated through a separate corporation (Atherotech Labs) at CFWLS. You can either have Atherotech bill your insurance (with a maximum of no more than $39 out of pocked expense if any aren’t covered) or as a reasonable cash pay option. Here are a couple of important laboratory test examples:
Vitamin D – One of the labs checked by Dr. Clark at CFWLS is your Vitamin D level.  This vitamin is important for bone health, preventing heart problems, and is also important for fat mobilization.  Normal levels are 30-100 ng/ml.  If lab results indicate your vitamin D level at 30, it’s within normal range. However, OPTIMAL levels for vitamin D are greater than 60.  Being in the OPTIMAL range will give you better results than a low NORMAL range. Therefore, we would suggest sun exposure 5-30 minutes 2x a week and an ADK supplement.
Testosterone – This is a vital hormone for men and women. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for preserving your vitality, sex drive, lean body mass and youthful feel. NORMAL range for women is 30-95 ng/dl and 300-1200 ng/dl for men.  However, being in the OPTIMAL range will make you feel even better and more balanced.  OPTIMAL range for men is 800-1200 and 80-150 for women. Intense exercise, quality sleep, and testosterone replacement (we recommend natural bio-identical hormone replacement) are all crucial for optimal testosterone levels.

The staff at the Center for Weight Loss Success and the Center for Hormone Health and Wellness can help you find your balance and experience optimal health.  You can take advantage of our fitness center and our highly trained and professional personal trainers.  Or stop by our nutrition store to purchase our high-quality vitamins and tasty high quality protein products. If you are experiencing mood swings, depression, migraines, sleep problems, poor sex drive, hot flashes, and other hormonal issues, The Center for Hormone Health and Wellness can help you get your hormones back in balance using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Get your lab work done to determine what your body is missing.

Don’t settle for feeling just “ok.”  Strive for optimal vitamin and hormone levels along with healthy nutrition, fitness and behaviors. We are here to help you look and feel your very best. Control your health before it controls you. Being balanced feels great!