How Do We Compare?

How does Center for Hormone Health and Wellness stack up against local competitors? View the comparison below, and then download our guides on pricing and what to expect at CFHHW.

 Center for Hormone Health and Wellness, Newport NewsLocal Competitors
Surgeon Administering PelletYes, Dr. Thomas W. Clark, Board Certified SurgeonNo
Dose Accuracy Guarantee within 4%Potency/Sterility-­‐ Random sampling of each lot of pellets produced. Testing outsourced to Analytical Research LaboratoriesNo information on pellet efficacy or compounding pharmacy
Concierge Style ServicesYesNo
Price$485.00 (female)
$785-885 (male)
Not disclosed
Contractual or Non-contractualPay as You GoContractual and non-refundable
Board Certified Physician Weight Loss ProgramsYes, Comprehensive Surgical and Non-surgical (2 wk - 12 mo) programs availableNo, but non-physician directed programs are available
Surgical ConsultYes, Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. ClarkNo
Hormonal Support SupplementsYes, pharmaceutical grade DIM, ADK, and Iodine are available for purchase in Dr. Clark's Nutrition StoreNo