What are the Benefits of Testosterone?

Testosterone can be a misunderstood hormone.  Testosterone actually protects your body from developing certain problems such as problems with your heart, brain, breast tissue, as well as your bones. 

Testosterone is a very important hormone for both men and women.  In addition to the protective mechanisms mentioned, testosterone also tends to significantly improve certain symptoms. These symptoms include low energy, poor quality sleep, brain fog, aches and pains, low sex drive and others.  While these symptoms are more apparent to you day to day.  However, your major organs – heart, brain, breast tissue and your bones – do not present with symptoms usually until there is a bigger problem.

Thus, while you may enjoy relief from every day symptoms, you are doing your body a favor by optimizing your testosterone not only for these symptoms, but for the many protective properties it provides.

Testosterone protects your heart from developing problems.  It protects your brain from developing Alzheimer’s. and helps protect you from developing breast cancer.  In fact, testosterone is actually being used as a treatment for some breast cancers.  And when it comes to your bones, testosterone protects you from developing osteoporosis.  Of note, we have found some of our bio-identical hormone replacement patients have improved their bone density with treatment.

Improving your current symptoms while protecting against long term problems with an optimized testosterone level can be very helpful for both men and women. Why not check your levels, feel better now and avoid waiting for other problems to develop?

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